"​Scottie doesn’t motivate by yelling or intimidating, but by technical, descriptive instructions and his “keep moving” looks. He routinely follows up with my “outside the gym” habits like stretching, exercising, and eating, to make sure they are supportive of a healthy lifestyle."


Linda Yeagy

"By taking the time to get to know me on a personal level, he knows what motivates me. He inspires me to strive for continued progress through encouragement and positive re-enforcement."


Chris Weise

"Scott is very knowledgeable in all aspects of physical fitness, from proper strength training and cardio to nutrition. He explains, in terms easy to understand, why we are doing the workout and what the benefits are. Scott is always encouraging and has always presented himself in a professional and caring manner."


Teresa Brooks

“I had no intention of purchasing more sessions after my original five. Now, three years later, I’m still training with Scottie. He pushes me to go that extra mile and achieve my fitness goals.”​


Brian Donahoo

“Scottie understood the physiological aspects as of exercise. He constantly corrected form, position, and technique along with explaining how strengthening this group would help that group. He didn’t just tell you to lift it ten times, he had you lift it correctly ten times and you understood why you needed to lift it ten times.”​

Jeri Baker

“Scott Gassner has exhibited the qualities of a True Professional. It was evident the day I met him for my evaluation he took his work seriously. I felt comfortable working with him from the first session. He took note of my weaknesses and strengths and went to work immediately. He has been very patient to work with me and teach me as a beginner the techniques to train correctly, most importantly safely.”​


Thomas Langston

“Let me tell you getting a personal trainer was the best thing I could have done for myself. Scottie was very helpful and very understanding with the fact that I really did not know how to do a lot of exercises and he would even take the time to show me. He helped me get on a good eating plan and now I have a very good routine and I can change it up when ever I get bored with it because I know how to do a variety of different exercises.”​


Wayne Ogden